Okpi governance mechanism

Okpi governance mechanism

  • Video announcement on the latest development of okpi mall

    Abbott, the Asia Pacific head of okpi mall, demonstrated the payment of the beta version of PI mall and introduced the development progress of the next section of PI mall. We are very happy to see that Pi mall barter ecology is far more popular in PI network than other ecological applications, which also shows that many PI friends are optimistic about this field, and we also firmly believe that this field will eventually rise to the next Amazon. Blockchain e-commerce will become the most popular application on the Internet…

  • The purpose of okpi coin

    The purpose of okpi coins: 1. All holders of okpi coins enjoy all the dividends and equity governance of pi mall; 2. Holders of okpi coins can open stores in pi mall (that is, okpi coins are the guarantee money for merchants to open stores), and publish special products based on okpi coin rewards to incentivize the sales of their products, etc.; 3. Holders of okpi coins can enjoy participation rights, income rights, and governance rights in the entire ecosystem of pi mall. Including but not limited to priority participation rights,…

  • Will okpi tokens be airdropped?

    Will okpi tokens be airdropped? All okpi tokens need to be purchased in an open trading market. You can go to most decentralized exchanges to exchange okpi tokens with tokens such as usdt, ht, eth, etc. At present, okpi tokens have no plans to airdrop. Because of the long-term community accumulation in the early stage, the okpi project has now obtained a broader community consensus, and there is no need to adopt an airdrop method to establish a consensus from zero. At present, okpi has been recognized by several well-known angel investors…

  • Governance mechanism of okpi coin

    1. Double dividends: After the pi mall is officially launched on the pi network mainnet, 25% of the pi mall’s operating income will be used every quarter to repurchase the okpi tokens on the open market, thereby bringing it to okpi holders The first dividend; at the same time, in order to allow all okpi holders to hold okpi coins more firmly, follow the long-term development of pi mall, and combat malicious speculation of okpi coins, our contract mechanism has introduced transaction dividends, repurchase, and Burning mechanism. That is, 10% of…


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