• Okpi tau mine invitation reward activity

    First mine bonus can not be missed!Okpi will deploy cross chain with (BSC) coin security intelligent chain————October 28, 2021 Singapore time Activity details

  • Video announcement on the latest development of okpi mall

    Abbott, the Asia Pacific head of okpi mall, demonstrated the payment of the beta version of PI mall and introduced the development progress of the next section of PI mall. We are very happy to see that Pi mall barter ecology is far more popular in PI network than other ecological applications, which also shows that many PI friends are optimistic about this field, and we also firmly believe that this field will eventually rise to the next Amazon. Blockchain e-commerce will become the most popular application on the Internet…

  • This channel will release information about PI mall and okpi token

    Dear pi mall users and pi network miners! The pi mall and okpi coin related event preview and release channel are officially opened. All activities related to pi mall and okpi coin will be released on this channel in the future, please collect and pay attention! At the same time, the global version is updated simultaneously, please pay attention to the connection address of the global version .


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