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Okpi coin

About okpi coin

Two major combustion deflation models, two major dividend models, strong landing application scenarios, and community ecology;

    Okpi coin is a token issued by okpi mall, okpi for short, is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued based on the pi network public chain. The total issuance is constant at 1 trillion, and the dual destruction deflation mechanism is adopted. 1. After pi is on the mainnet, okpi will be destroyed according to the quarterly transaction volume of the pi mall platform every quarter, and the destruction record will be announced as soon as possible, and users can query through the blockchain browser to ensure openness and transparency; 2. okpi The liquidity pool uses transaction burning and repurchase methods for destruction; the two destruction methods are executed together until the total amount of destruction is 100 billion okpi coins.

     As a raw material for the pi mall ecosystem and decentralized exchange, okpi has been applied to many scenarios. For example, if okpi is used to deduct the transaction fee of pi mall, you can get a discount of up to 50%; it can be used as a deposit for pi mall merchants to open an account and open a store. , You can directly buy physical products provided by pi mall merchants, NFT digital products, or purchase other tokens on various centralized and decentralized exchanges; in the future, we will also create liquidity pools in some decentralized transactions, each time In okpi transactions, no more than 5% of the processing fee will be withdrawn to actively purchase pi coins, and pi coins will be injected into the liquidity pool or black hole addresses can not be withdrawn, resulting in permanent and continuous deflation of pi coins, which will increase the price of pi .

Governance model:

okpi coin adopts the world’s original “double dividend, double deflation” mechanism:

1. Double dividends: After the pi mall is officially launched on the pi network mainnet, 25% of the pi mall’s operating income will be used every quarter to repurchase the okpi tokens on the open market, thereby bringing it to okpi holders The first dividend; at the same time, in order to allow all okpi holders to hold okpi coins more firmly and combat malicious speculation of okpi coins, our contract mechanism has introduced a transaction (coin holding) dividend, repurchase, and burning mechanism. That is, 10% of each transaction will be automatically deducted, of which 5% will be distributed to all okpi token holders again in proportion, 3% will be automatically repurchased by the contract, and 2% will be destroyed by the black hole address. This will bring a second dividend to all okpi token holders;

2. Double deflation: After the official operation of the pi mall, the okpi coins recovered every quarter will be posted to the black hole address and destroyed. This is the first deflation mechanism; in every transaction of okpi coins, the contract will also automatically deduct 2% and Into the black hole address is permanently destroyed, this is the second deflation mechanism;

Distribution method

The total issuance is 1 trillion pieces (reference for the total issuance)

okpi tokens were born in a fair startup method, no one can get okpi tokens for free, only through private equity markets or open markets through transactions;

okpi token holders participate in the governance of pi mall, and initiate and form resolutions;

Holders of okpi tokens will enjoy pi mall profit dividends and liquid pool trading dividends;

Holders of Okpi tokens can pledge to pi mall for the deposit of stores established in pi mall.

Holders of okpi tokens can purchase goods and services provided by merchants through the pi mall and ecology.

1. Initial financing of pi mall:5% of the total amount of tokens will be used for the initial development and construction of pi mall, the deployment of global servers and the initial operating expenses, etc.;
2. The founding team of pi mall holds:12% of the total tokens will be used as incentives for the early team of pi mall, and will be released linearly in 5 years;
3. pi mall global public offering:15% of the total tokens, mainly for global pi miners and early participants, builders and investors who are optimistic about the pi global e-commerce barter ecosystem;
4. Public market offering:35% of the total tokens, all users can go to the public decentralized exchange to purchase okpi; the buyers of okpi in the open market are mainly participants in the pi mall ecology, such as merchant users and buyer users Etc.; popular catalogs will also use the okpi currency auction method;
5. Liquidity mining:23% of the total tokens will be mined in the liquid pool;
6. Reserve funds:10% of the total amount of tokens, the future use method will be handed over to the community autonomy committee established by all okpi holders to make decisions;

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