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okpi coin is an equity and governance certificate issued by pi mall;

At present, the okpi coin smart contract is deployed on the Heco Huobi ecological chain. Please be careful to prevent fake contract address fraud by the majority of pi miners and participants in the pi mall;

The only smart contract address of okpi coin is:


To purchase okpi coins, please install Huobi Wallet and search the smart contract address above to purchase okpi coins;

Huobi Wallet Address: https://www.huobiwallet.com/zh/Wallet  official website

At present, okpi has been issued on the Huobi Smart Chain (heco). You can download Huobi Wallet or TP Wallet, search for mdex in the wallet and open the decentralized exchange to exchange it;

Take Huobi Wallet as an example:

The first step is to download, install and create a Huobi Wallet. If you have installed it, you can open it directly; you can see the tutorial for downloading and creating Huobi Wallet here.

Note that when creating a wallet, you must select Huobi Smart Chain to create the default wallet.

How to buy okpi (picture 1)

If you have a Huobi smart chain wallet, just open it directly. If you don’t need to create a wallet, please keep the mnemonic phrase and password and other information. The Huobi Smart Chain Wallet creation tutorial can be viewed here.

The second step is to open the wallet and search for the mdex decentralized exchange, as shown below:

How to buy okpi (picture 2)

The third step is to enter mdex search in the search box above and open mdex Dapp;

How to buy okpi (Picture 3)

Note that other wallets such as TP wallet searching for mdex may bring out two mdex decentralized exchanges. Please select the mdex marked with “heco” to open it, as shown in the figure below;

How to buy okpi (picture 4)

Step 4: Open the medx trading interface and set the trading slippage, as shown in the figure below:

How to buy okpi (Figure 5)
How to buy okpi (Picture 6)

Step 5: Select a trading pair to trade, as shown in the figure below: The above is the currency you used to exchange okpi, such as HT, usdt, etc.;

How to buy okpi (Picture 7)

The following token selection requires you to enter the okpi smart contract to search;

Okpi’s smart contract address is:


How to buy okpi (Figure 8)

As shown in the figure above, enter the smart contract address and then add the okpi token.

The okpi pass can be purchased directly with HT usdt husd, etc. If the purchase is unsuccessful, it is recommended to reduce the purchase amount and try again;

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