Okpi next stage development and operation briefing

Phase I

The main development and operation briefing of okpi.shop (hereinafter referred to as PI mall) in the next stage is disclosed as follows: for community members’ reference and discussion.

一、 Development part:

1、The official version of PI mall V1 will be accessed and officially operated before and after the official launch of PI main network. At present, it is under internal test and adjustment.

On the basis of summarizing the operation experience of okpi.shop over the past two years, V1 official PI mall has made major adjustments, both in terms of interface and detailed functions. The most important thing is to increase the governance participation weight of okpi currency in the whole system. Such as store mortgage, holding okpi, giving priority to barter, barter fee level rights and interests, barter authority of special commodities, etc;

In V1 official PI mall, PI coin is the main payment and circulation token and participates in all transaction settlement links. Okpi is the only governance equity token. At the same time, it will also add the payment interface of other mainstream digital assets as an alternative. If you vote through community governance, it will also launch the payment and settlement function of other mainstream tokens.

In V1 official PI mall, PayPal payment and settlement function is added, which can provide payment and settlement functions of legal currency and digital tokens in countries that support legal currency settlement.

2、The original beta version of PI mall will also be significantly revised. The revised beta version of PI mall will remain and undertake the existence of other more important functional platforms. The specific details will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

3、Okpi NFT platform will deploy the first formal NFT contract online at an appropriate time. If PI network smart contract platform is not online, we may give priority to deploying the contract in Binance Smart chain or Ethereum. Considering that Ethereum gas fee is very high at present, which will greatly increase the casting cost of NFT works, we may give priority to Binance smart chain, depending on the voting results of community members; In fact, the NFT contract we have deployed on the test network is also a contract with complete functions, which is almost the same as the interactive experience of the formal contract. Interested community members can test it first, and we will make a complete tutorial manual for your reference as soon as possible;

4、The developer platform of okpi NFT platform will be launched at a selected time to provide rich interface services for platforms interested in NFT, which can make it easier for more project parties to build their own NFT platform. Support for PI intelligent main network will be our biggest feature. Take this as PI network to empower ecological fields such as NFT and metauniverse.

5、Add an okpi hanging order exchange platform. In the future, the PI and okpi required in the whole PI and okpi ecosystem and extension system can be exchanged from a third party here. Among them, okpi is the okpi currently obtained on the heco and BSC chain and the okpi air drop obtained by participating in various operation activities in the community; Among them, okpi, which is used by the project party for reward or incentive, also needs to be exchanged from open chain transactions.

二、 Operation part:

1、Before and after the official V1 PI mall goes online, community members who have completely submitted test orders in the old version of the test mall and completed the PI test coin payment experience will be given an okpi air drop reward, and the time will be determined;

2、After okpi NFT’s formal contract is deployed, the issuer of the first batch of NFT works will conduct an air drop NFT activity for the address holding okpi token, and the time will be determined;


From the operation experience of PI mall in the past two years, we can realize that whether PI barter ecology can go out in the future is to solve the problem of mutual trust between platforms and merchants, merchants and consumers, and platforms and consumers; This may be a problem that all PI e-commerce barter ecosystems and even other ecosystems have to face. This requires our common thinking and efforts to practice.

I believe that time is the best test and proof tool!

Okpi community
October 30, 2021

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