Hacker marathon Q & A: does PI mall support PI coin payment? Why issue okpi coins?

First of all, the PI mall team is very grateful to this PI friend for his in-depth problem, which has always been a problem for the PI mall team. Originally, we always thought that as long as PI was enough. For example, our business services can be mortgaged with PI. There is no need for okpi. However, after the development, operation and marketing of our development team and marketing team in the past year, we found that many operational problems are not enough. Many development scenarios cannot be carried out because the current main network function of PI is not perfect. Therefore, for the sake of trade secrets, please allow us not to answer this question in full detail for the time being, but we can simply elaborate on some aspects for the later developers of PI application ecology to consider.

  1. In the future, PI mall merchants can mortgage PI or choose to mortgage okpi
  2. PI mall will have rich marketing resources and activities in the future, and more will choose okpi; Because compared with PI, okpi will be better connected with the development and operation of PI mall, and it is easy to be adopted more flexibly. This is a problem found by our development team in the development of PI mall.
  3. In the future, when the PI main network is officially launched, okpi will create an on chain contract, automatically buy PI, and permanently lock it on the chain, so that PI and okpi will enter a deflationary state together;
  4. There must be a fair exchange ratio between PI and okpi in the future;
  5. In addition to participating in various flexible marketing activities of PI mall, okpi is also the governance token of PI mall. Because the development and operation of PI mall in recent two years have also consumed huge expenses, the PI mall team cannot obtain these expenses by selling PI in the short term, because the PI main network is still early and there are many uncertainties. However, okpi did make PI mall develop and get the first start-up capital. This is also the greatest significance of okpi token;

    In short, in the team’s vision, PI currency exists as the circulation and payment target of PI mall, while okpi is more about governance target. With the introduction of subsequent functions, I believe we will understand the value of okpi. And I believe senior PI friends should also be able to notice that other public chain projects are not a token. The most typical Ethereum public chain. Many ecological applications on it will have their own ecological tokens, such as defi, DEX, lending, NFT, games, Oracle, etc; These projects do not use eth as a token. In that case, many functions cannot be realized. Therefore, it is also recommended that Pi friends open their eyes and learn more about other mature project ecology. I believe the future Pi of ecology will be like this. Many eco sub application tokens similar to Ethereum will be born in the pi system, and there must be some amazing existence.

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