The purpose of okpi coin

The purpose of okpi coins:

1. All holders of okpi coins enjoy all the dividends and equity governance of pi mall;

2. Holders of okpi coins can open stores in pi mall (that is, okpi coins are the guarantee money for merchants to open stores), and publish special products based on okpi coin rewards to incentivize the sales of their products, etc.;

3. Holders of okpi coins can enjoy participation rights, income rights, and governance rights in the entire ecosystem of pi mall. Including but not limited to priority participation rights, etc.;

4. Holders of okpi coins can obtain real-name authentication and open barter trading rights in pi mall first (pi main online is required), and enjoy preferential trading rights for special products or services that require higher qualifications to participate .

5. Holders of okpi coin can participate in the location bidding or advertising space bidding of popular categories of pi mall, and there will be more similar resources in the future that require okpi coin to participate in the bidding method;

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