Will okpi tokens be airdropped?

Will okpi tokens be airdropped?

All okpi tokens need to be purchased in an open trading market. You can go to most decentralized exchanges to exchange okpi tokens with tokens such as usdt, ht, eth, etc. At present, okpi tokens have no plans to airdrop. Because of the long-term community accumulation in the early stage, the okpi project has now obtained a broader community consensus, and there is no need to adopt an airdrop method to establish a consensus from zero. At present, okpi has been recognized by several well-known angel investors in the currency circle, and has participated in the early investment of our project.

However, pi miners can pay attention to some activities on the pi mall platform, participate in the activities and complete the corresponding operations, and they will be given certain okpi rewards!

Risk warning: any digital project will have a greater risk of volatility, please participate with caution! The early investment participants of okpi are also qualified investors after screening. We do not want those speculative participants who want to earn fast wealth to participate in our project.

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