Governance mechanism of okpi coin

1. Double dividends: After the pi mall is officially launched on the pi network mainnet, 25% of the pi mall’s operating income will be used every quarter to repurchase the okpi tokens on the open market, thereby bringing it to okpi holders The first dividend; at the same time, in order to allow all okpi holders to hold okpi coins more firmly, follow the long-term development of pi mall, and combat malicious speculation of okpi coins, our contract mechanism has introduced transaction dividends, repurchase, and Burning mechanism. That is, 10% of each transaction will be automatically deducted, of which 5% will be distributed to all okpi token holders again in proportion, 3% will be automatically repurchased by the contract, and 2% will be destroyed by the black hole address. This will bring a second dividend to all okpi token holders;

2. Double deflation: After the official operation of the pi mall, the okpi coins recovered every quarter will be posted to the black hole address and destroyed. This is the first deflation mechanism; in every transaction of okpi coins, the contract will also automatically deduct 2% and Into the black hole address is permanently destroyed, this is the second deflation mechanism;

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